Squeaky Ball Treat Dispenser

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Spring Fun Special!

These balls are specially designed as a fun healthy way to exercise your dog and get them to utilise any excess energy which may cause them to misbehave. They are great for stimulating your dogs natural instincts, senses and mind so that you have a more contented pet.  They are designed to help reduce the risk of your pet developing behavioural problems which may stem from fear, aggression or boredom. They keep them occupied and active as they try to retrieve their prize from the ball. 

Color: Black/Pink/Blue
Material: Silicone 
Diameter: 7cm /9.5cm /12cm ( 2.7 inches / 3.7 inches / 4.7 inches)
Hole: Approx 1cm  (0.4 inches)
Put some of your dog's favorite snack inside and he'll sniff them out!
It's like a duck quacking when the ball is in motion - very funny. 
Easy for your dog to carry 
Great for small and medium sized dogs 

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