Fur Vac Hair Collection and Groomer

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  • Save $17

Does your four-legged buddy shed fur all over the house? Does he need grooming regularly? Then this little miracle is the answer! The gentle little hair-sucker won't frighten your pet (unless he's extremely nervous!), and allows you to very gently suck up loose fur in a very soothing manner - most dogs and cats actually love it! 

You can also use it to suck off fur from your clothes and furniture. Happy pets, happy owner, and happy house - so what are you waiting for!

We've got a limited supply and are offering FREE SHIPPING to the USA on this item as long as it lasts.


  1. Color: Gray
  2. Dimension: 19(L) x 11(W) x 6cm(H)/7.48 x 4.33 x 2.36inch
  3. Material: ABS body + rubber head
  4. Power supply: 3 x AA batteries ( not included)

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