Dog Lifejacket

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Does my dog need this?

Dog life-jackets are used for the same reasons that they are for a child -  they keep your dog safer around the pool, at the beach or in a boat. Here are a few key pointers:

1) Some dogs, especially those with low body-fat  can struggle in water and may need the extra buoyancy that a life jacket or vest provides.
2) Young puppies and older dogs may not have the stamina needed to keep their heads above water.

3) Even dogs that are good swimmers can become fatigued. A dog that excitedly chases a duck in a lake may be so focused on retrieving the catch for his master that he may not pay attention to very cold water and fatigued muscles.

4) Any dog may have trouble in large waves if he has fallen out of a boat.

So if your beloved dog spends time near water - protect him with one of these dog life jackets - you know it makes sense!

Size Chart

Please measure your dog using the method and the chart below before ordering.

Dog Life Jacket


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