Dog Doorbells For Dog Training And Housebreaking

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An Ideal And Fun house-Training Tool

  • Material: nylon
  • Size: Length 75cm/29.53''(adjustable)
  • Quantity: 1 pc

How To Use it

This training is simple and is comprised of only three phases as follows:

Introduction to the Bell

Hang your doorbell inside the house on a doorknob or hook next to the door your dog normally uses to go out and leave it there so that he/she can always get to it.

Training by Association

Every time you let your dog out to poo or pee, bring the dog to the bells to sniff, ring them, and then make a firm, clear command such as “Outside, ring the bell!”; then, to reinforce, praise your dog ("Good Boy"!), then take him/her out to potty.

It's really preferable that you don't play with your dog at that time and don't give him a treat - that's because you want him to associate the bells with potty time - don't confuse him or he'll ring that bell every time he wants a treat or to play!

Repeat and Reinforce

Throughout conditioning, continue your command, be consistent and praise your dog for their attention and wanted behaviour. Consistency is key.

Repeat this training method until your dog begins to ring the bells on their own. Make sure to praise your dog on their newly learned behaviour to reinforce the action.

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