Blue Puppy Dog Denim Shoes

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These beautiful denim and rubber boots give your doggy the protection his feet need in hot and cold conditions. Think your dog doesn't need this...? See what an expert says below...


Dogs Really do Need Clothes and Shoes

"It’s a common misconception that dogs, equipped by nature with fur coats and a higher body temperature than humans, will do just fine in cold weather without accessories such as sweaters, coats and booties. That might be true for hardy sled dogs who spend their days in training for the Iditarod, but I can assure you that dogs with short or thin coats or those with certain size or health limitations need just as much protection from the cold as you or I do." --Dr Marty Becker--


Your doggies feet NEED winter protection, so why not try these beautiful winter booties! Please use the size chart before buying!

  • COLOUR: blue
  • SIZE: XXS,XS,S,M,L (See Chart)
  • FASTENERS:  Lace up
  • STYLE: Causal Sports Sneaker Shoes
  • MATERIAL: Denim & Rubber Sole
  • FREE SHIPPING to the United Sates



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