Remembering Dogs we Love

MephistoLosing a dog is just as painful as losing any other member of your family.  The heartache sometimes never ends, although it can become easier over time. My way of coping with this was to write little poems.

This beautiful boy was named Mephisto and he was nine years old when he left us, suffering from cancer and this is what I wrote for him:

For Mephisto

All that’s left are the photos
And the memory of big brown eyes
And the tears and the loss and the sorrow
And the heartache when your dog dies


No better friend e’er graced the home of man
No gentler spirit beside us e’er walked and leaped and ran
Farewell my faithful friend
We’ll meet again in the halls of Pan


In the halls of Pan beyond the Western seas
Where amid the woods and glades
The laughter of our time shall be renewed
And from all grief and pain we find release


Now go chase rabbits in your long sleep
And run pain free amid the rain
Bark and run and leap and eat and sleep
And soon, so very soon, we’ll meet again


MeBorgiaphisto had a companion, a wonderful friend and family member who died around the same age as our Mephisto. She was Borgia, and she is also always in our hearts and minds. Here's what I wrote for her:

For Borgia

When twilight falls
Amid the gloom of life’s final closing day
And loud rings the laughter of those long gone before
Into bright Valhalla’s halls
She’ll be there are the door, waiting


Old friend and faithful spirit
Love’s vanguard into Death’s domain
Without doubts has she waited these many years
For love’s return beyond the veil
For the mistress she protected and loved throughout her life


Bright gleam those brown eyes now
And see how funny that little stump of tail
As this most gracious descendent of the spirit-wolf
Pushes to her feet and whimpers
For now is the moment of long awaited joy


Mistress! Mistress!
Now rise the images and smells and sounds of love
Echoing not in time but in the imminence of now!
For eternity has passed away
And reunited are the innocence of dog and the blessings of human love



Never more to part though all the stars lie cold and dead
And the lord of time lies prone at the feet of God
And death itself removes its dismal mask revealing but a glittered door
The way to those who passed before
Under the aegis of eternal love



Would you like to post a remembrance of your beloved dog here? Contact us, and we'll be happy to post your photos and memories.